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Saturday, January 2nd, 2016 03:45 pm

It’s been a remarkably productive year, writing-wise. Mostly Transformers, to probably absolutely nobody’s surprise, but some Pokemon and Homestuck. There’s a list of fics under the cut, and some of my thoughts about the fics. This contains references to all manner of warning-worthy things; it’s going under a cut, both because of that and because it’s long.

We’re going in order of when fics were posted to AO3 for this, so our first fic is Studying, about 700 words of Homestuck fic: it’s Sollux/Feferi college AU. Not my greatest work, but fun to write, and the idea had been floating around in my head for a while. It’s actually from March 2014, but it was originally in a notebook, and it took me a while to get around to transcribing it and fixing the ending. Fortunately, I transcribed it before that notebook was stolen.

Next up, Break, which is my first posted Transformers fic, and also my first literal drabble - it’s a hundred words exactly. It’s gen, featuring Megatron and Optimus, but actually one of the darker things I’ve written, in my opinion - it’s mostly torture. This one wasn’t so much fun to write, but it was interesting. 100 words exactly is hard.

Then Replacement, which is another Transformers fic, and my first attempt at smut. I’ve never been entirely sure what to use for warnings and other tags on this one. It’s Dreadwing/Megatron, which has certain consent issues by nature because of their work relationship, and Megatron’s trying to use him as a replacement for Starscream, but everyone is into what’s happening and a “no” would have been respected. The eventual solution was just “author chose not to use archive warnings” everywhere. This one was also where I decided that I liked plug and play best, as Transformers sex went.

After that, What Happens at Maccadam’s, which is about 7000 words of self-indulgent weirdness (and, again, Transformers fanfic); of the “firsts”, it’s my first chaptered fic. The first chapter of this one was written when I spent two weeks completely without access to the Internet or any books; if I wasn’t writing, I had to interact with people, so I ended up writing a lot. There’s some definite rough edges on this one, but it was really nice writing something just for me. (Also, the hits/kudos numbers are kind of funny - it’s got less than half as many hits as Replacement does, but four more kudos. Apparently nobody wants to read Blurr/Windblade, but the people who will read it like it.)

For the Trick or Treat exchange, two fics. The first, Praxus Burning, was my actual assignment and yet another Transformers fic; it was interesting to write. Jazz and Prowl are both pretty hard to handle, as characters; depending on what canon you want to incorporate, they’re either very complex or very simple. I think I did okay in the end, though.

The second, Ghost, was a treat, set in the universe of the Pokemon games, specifically Sinnoh. It was an attempt at actual horror, and I think it worked fairly well. It was also my first posted OC-centric fanfic - everything else has either used them as relatively minor characters, or never seen the light of the Internet. I’m not sure how well the horror aspect worked out, but it was an interesting experiment.

And finally, this year’s Yuletide fic, Today is a Winding Road. This one uses the same canon as Break, but is otherwise unconnected to it; it also involves Jazz again. You’d think I’d have learned my lesson the first time. Breakdown turned out to be much easier to write than Prowl, though. The final editing on this one ran right up to the wire - while the fic I turned in at the deadline was presentable and would have been fine if I’d been hit by a car and unable to edit further, some of the editing wasn’t done until Christmas Eve. It also has a much longer title than most of my other fics, because I couldn’t figure out what to call it and ended up using song lyrics; temporary titles included “It’s a Mess, It’s a Start” and “Like Candy in My Veins”, which are also from songs (links are to music videos). The actual eventual title comes from Boys Like Girls’ “Thunder” (that’s a link to the YouTube video), which I know from Lego Rock Band.

In summary, out of ten works on my AO3 account, seven of them are from 2015; out of about 16,500 words of fic posted, about 12,000 are from 2015. 2016′s goal will be to hit 20 fics posted and 30k words, I think.


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